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reflexologue antibes

About Sarah Canonica

Sarah CANONICA au salon Bien-Être

Who I am

Since 2016, I have been a certified practitioner of several  energy care techniques, including Face-lifting face care -  LHL, and aromatherapy,

  more recently sound massage with Tibetan bowls and plantar reflexology.

In a few words ... I give a lot of joy to nourishing my momentum of Life, my capacity for wonder and enthusiasm.

  I am committed to contributing to well-being for more harmony in everyone and in the world. My great capacity for understanding, fine perception of things, of my feelings mean that words are not essential.

Bold and adventurous, creative, I need stimulation and variety in life, intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It allows me to dare to change, to take risks, and to be interested

regularly to training, music, readings...

​ After having worked for 16 years for several companies in the luxury sector, in the Asia export department,  I listened to the call of my values and my need to authenticity, to contribute directly .

My designer-couturier consignment-sale revived dormant treasures and came back to life on customers delighted to wear these marvels. The sense of aesthetics as precious, take pleasure in choosing your color every day! I offered the tailor-made choice while listening to each one and was already offering tips, good addresses, advice on natural products, essential oils, beauty oils to an international clientele.

A few years later, how can I contribute even more? By following a sales training and advice, essential oil workshops to open my shop dedicated to small producers, with its wellness area.


It had been a long time since magnetizers, healers had suggested to me to take advantage of my potential which develops every day and with joy to use and transmit all my knowledge on the virtues of plants,

natural products.

​ I feel an imperious need to follow the energy that calls for evolution and the synchronicities, and the journey that this induces; everyone can find in themselves how to nourish their momentum of life, their inner sun, open their consciousness to go towards more of themselves, so beneficial for themselves and for the world.

I have always been interested in the body-mind connection, which appealed to me as soon as I learned about the Chinese world and my interest in Taoism, the joy of walking and breathing in the middle of nature, of practicing Aïkido, Qi Gong ; yoga or meditation.

​ My Chinese studies from high school in Avignon interested me in the Chinese world, with a global approach. After Aix en Provence, I finished these studies in Paris in Oriental Languages.

Working as a secretary for a Chinese doctor and Qigong teacher introduced me to the effectiveness of Chinese medicine and therapeutic Qigong.


I accompany you on your way to help you reveal your potential... everyone has priceless treasures deep inside... the treasure you have always been looking for "is within you".


I accompany you on your way to help you reveal your potential... everyone has priceless treasures deep inside... the treasure you have always been looking for "is within you".

  Benevolent listening and empathy for my support, allow me a tailor-made approach and an understanding of each person's inner mode of operation,

Support for your personalized state of well-being  (physiological, emotional energy). The sessions are sometimes supplemented by proposals for exercises, mudra, use of essential oils

or other tailor-made inspirations, which most often resonate with you. I feel this more and more precisely during the sessions.

LIVE IN HARMONY WITH YOURSELF  for personal fulfillment throughout life and at any age.

​ Receiving energy care regularly contributes greatly to this! while enjoying deep and rejuvenating relaxation!

Sharing with you what I perceive will help you to know yourself, to understand how you function, how you manage your emotions, how you act when faced with choices, for example; and, what effects all this has on you.

  Learn to better choose your own inner mode of functioning so that it is beneficial to you and that you no longer suffer from it, choose change towards your well-being.

With my abilities, I transmit to you when it arises, the messages, information received during my sessions.


Pleased to welcome you,

In Antibes or Cannes, sessions also remotely.

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